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Orphan (New Sponsorship)
With your help, we contribute to orphans' food, clothing, health, education, and shelter costs.
Orphan (Exist Sponsorship)
You can support orphans to stand on their own feet safely.
Would you like to put a brick on the bridge of goodness with your zakat?
May the book of our deeds be filled with good deeds, may our sadaqah meet those in need.
All together we support the needs of orphans in orphanages.
Food Package
Lets fill the fridges of orphans and those in need.
The beauty of tomorrow is hidden in the children's hope and their hope is in our support. May our fidyah be hope for orphans.
A Box of Smiles
You can support children's emotional, mental and physical development with a Box of Smiles.
Orphan Educational Assistance
You can support orphans' educational development with your sincere donation.
Orphan (General)
Support orphans for all problems that they may encounter throughout their lives.
Orphan Medical Assistance
Support orphans that they can lead healthy lives.
Foundation Assistance Fund
You can contribute to our administrative cost so that the work we carry out for orphans and their families in Turkey and the world continues uninterrupted.

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